Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I got a new phone

Funny thing is that I'm not much of a cell phone user. Or at least I never was before I found out about data phones. My last phone I had for over 2 years and that one I got for free because my wife upgraded her phone. I only use it when someone calls me or I'm

Which is how I got my latest phone. She needed something she could text with and had good email, contacts, and calendar features so she can stay connected with home and work. The touch screen phones didn't work for her because she has fingernails and you have to use the pads of your fingers to touch not your nails. So she wanted a full pull out keyboard. So she got the Motorolla Cliqe. It also has twitter and facebook integrated so you can stay connected to your social network which she loves.

When we got her phone it was a better deal to upgrade our plan which allowed me to also get a data phone. So I got the cheaper and simpler Google G1 phone which basically has the same features just not quite as nice of a user interface. I have to say this phone is pretty cool. I love the free apps that you can get with it. The pop out full keyboard is fantastic for texting which I have found myself doing more recently and with the number pad on a phone it took forever. Now I can type out full messages in no time. With the built in GPS and google maps you have great navigation and location finding tools. I set up a twitter account and hooked my facebook page up. Now I am more social than I was before. I set up all my email accounts so now I get email notifications when I'm not at my computer. I even setup my Instant Messaging so I can tell when someone is trying to contact me. I LOVE the cool apps that let you take a photo of a bar code and look the product up and give you the cheapest place online and locally to buy it.
My only negative thing about these data phones is that the screen is too small to practically surf and read stuff on the web. It is also too small to watch videos or look at digital photos of any quality. But those tasks are better suited for the PC anyway. The other drawback is that the battery drains pretty quickly if you are using all the features. If you just let it idle and only used it as a phone it would be fine but since you are playing with all the apps and touching the screen it quickly kills the battery. I find I have to charge it every day where as my old cell I could go a week without charging it.
I'm getting a lot of grief for being so into my new phone when I always said I didn't care about a new cell phone. But I love gadgets and this is a fun one.