Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Officially in weight maintenance mode

I am now officially in maintenance mode with my weight.   As expected I gained a few pounds returning to eating normally again.   I weighed in last week at 251 (up 6lbs from my low 245 last day of fasting).  I have been walking 3-4 times a day for 3-4 miles each time.  My walking routes have become longer now that I have built up my endurance.  Walking for 40-50min in each direction is easy for me and exposes a lot more destinations.  There are several great places to walk to from my house now that I can easily go shopping or grab lunch or dinner in all directions.

I am learning a whole new way to eat.  I am paying attention to my hunger and eating much less at a time but more often.  I am also choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of my main diet.  Having been a vegetarian for 27 years (you'd never know it by my health)  I am embracing the lifestyle and choosing to eat healthier than I ever did before.   My mantra is that I'm changing everything about how I eat and exercise so that I'll never go back to where I was again.

I turn 50 next week and will be spending it at Disneyland as a treat to myself for both loosing all the weight and being half a century old.

 My long term goal is to eventually get down to 225lbs over the next few years.   I don't know if or when I'll get there but for 2013 I plan to continue to walk and eat healthy and loose weight over time.