Friday, September 19, 2008

The Halloween Monster

Here is a exerpt from a chat session with my good friend....

Friend: You bastard

Me: ???

Friend: you really want me to play Portal

Me: oh? sorry. I hacked portal and got the sounds out ot it. Grabbed all of the ones for the companion cube. We are going to have them play from a speaker in the cube Chris is making.
Me: funny sh*t

Friend: when I get a computer that can actually handle it I'll play.

Me: I still think it would make a great console game. But you have to have a 360 or ps3

Friend: feckin' bastages

Me: used 360 would probably be cheaper than a new computer?

Friend: ah but I kinda need a computer. the boys and wife have homework that requires internet access.

Me: WHAT! You living in the stone ages? No Internet?????

Friend: yes we have it because we are borrowing a computer but eventually we have to return it.

Me: ah...I was worried about your geek status. Thought we were going to have to revoke your badge
Me: I see X-Box 360 used on ebay for $189?

Friend: nope...because I know how long the tube used in the Hedron Collider is
Friend: I get to keep my geek badge
Friend: :-)

Me: F*ck you da smart one

Friend: since when did smart become a qualification of being a geek.

Me: long is the tube?

Friend: approximately 20 km

Me: WOW! you even know it in metric!
Me: You must be some sort of Mad Scientist?

Friend: that's all science cares about

Me: Hey I am trying hard here to give you sh*t and you are making it difficult!

Friend: I'd like to say I'm an evil scientist but we both know that's not true.
Friend: roflmao...I'm supposed to play nice and let you give me crap?

Me: but....

Friend: where's the fun in that?
Friend: :-)

Me: fun for me!
Me: me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me

Friend: roflmao...It's all about you until Chris is around. *Evil Grin*

Me: shhhhh

Friend: hee hee

Me: don't tell her....we are being sneaky
Me: I can only do this if I whisper.....if she catches me talking about "me" then I'm doomed
Me: Oh BTW did I mention that I am LOSING MY MIND!

Friend: feckin' christ I can't stop laughing
Friend: where is your mind going?

Me: It is being eaten by the big horrible HALLOWEEN MONSTER!

Friend: does the Halloween Monster listen to light country music and dream of a day when Monsters everwhere can wear pink lace?

Me: yours does THAT too?

Friend: Mine is frends with the Tequillia Monster

Me: seriously, I'm not THAT crazy....yet

Friend: call me when you get there, man.

Me: the HALLOWEEN MONSTER keeps you up at night and steals time when you are not looking and gives you more work to do than you can handle

Friend: Does your's smoke menthols?

Me: no but he smells like CANDY!
Me: lots of milk chocolate and peanut butter

Friend: Mine love's pop rocks

Me: too noisy....wouldn't be able to sneak up on you and wake you up or change your schedule without you noticing

Friend: That's the brilliance of monster design. It's head is so massive ya can't hear the popping until it opens it's mouth and drolls on your head.