Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Latest Weight Loss update

This week I officially started my 4 week transition back to eating food.   It is one week of continuing to drink the 5 shakes a day (I do one of them as soup and the other as as a pudding at night so really only drink 3 a day) and 1 serving (1 cup) of vegetables.   The 2nd week I continue with the shakes and add another serving of vegetables the first part of the week and a fruit serving (1 cup or piece) the latter part of the week.  The 3rd week reduce my shakes to 4 a day and I add an entree each day and mid week I add another vegetable serving and a fruit serving for a total of 3 vegetable and 2 fruit servings a day.   On the 4th week I reduce to 2   shakes a day and add a 2nd entree a day.   By the 5th week I discontinue the shakes and am officially on maintenance.

I weighed in at 246 this week (6lbs from my goal).  I will continue to loose weight during these 4 weeks and should be under 246 by next month.

Now the real challenge starts.   I want to keep up my walking 4-5 times a day.  Change my eating habits to continue with the 3 vegetable and 2 fruit servings a day and keep my total calorie intake down to a maintainable level.

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