Thursday, October 16, 2014

Has it been a year already?

A lot has happened over the past year.  We coasted through Halloween.  Did a Haunt Convention in January in Houston, TX.  Did another one in May here in Portland.  I lost my job in July and became employed in September.   Chris was out of work over the summer from her part time job.  We had some very difficult financial issues.  I gained a LOT of weight back and stopped exercising and eating right.

But things have started looking good this month.  I weighed in at 317lbs in September.  I started my fasting again and am down to 297 right now.  My plan is to continue fasting through the rest of the year with a few breaks and get down to 250lbs.  13 weeks in total.  My theory is that if I just fasted 2-3 weeks every 3-4 months I wouldn't be in this spot.

But now with the full time job which comes with a 20 mile commute each way and a day spent in a cube.  We are getting caught up financially and I am starting my fasting routine in a very controlled environment.  I even have a nice 1 mile paved trail I can walk each way for lunch.  I hope to back to my low weight by Christmas time.

At 900 cal a day with 1hr walk a day starting at 317 on 9/29/16 here is the plan

10/16/14 298.1818
10/23/14 292.5094
10/30/14 286.9791
11/06/14 281.5874
11/13/14 276.3308
11/20/14 271.206
11/27/14 266.2096
12/04/14 261.3384
12/11/14 256.5893
12/18/14 251.9592
12/25/14 247.4451
Goal Weight of  247.4451 lbs reached on 12/25/14 in  11 weeks
Average Loss  5 lbs/week

I have a couple of exceptions for my fast though.  I am going to eat and have some rum at the Halloween party on October 25th.  I am also going out to dinner with Chris for our anniversary on Nov 2nd.  Chris and I are going to Woodenville, WA for a weekend away on her birthday Nov 15th and also to Dundee, OR for Thanksgiving Nov 27-30.  I'll try to eat low calorie and fruits and veggies only on those dates so I don't through myself off too much. 

We'll see what happens. 

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