Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Wife

Someone shared this video today which makes me think of my wife Chris. She often teases me that I don't express how much I care for her as she does for me. The age old woman and man issue I guess? But I have to say that she is my life. I'd do anything for her and love spending time with her. She is my partner in this world and even though sometimes we all need our "me" time I would rather spend time alone with her than with anyone else. My fondest memories as an adult are times spent with her. The love runs deep like a parent and their child. She is a part of me and we are like a single person when together.

If life were like a huge mountain you had to climb where you only reach the top at the end of your life. Where there are some long and some short steep spots, some level spots and even some downhill spots. She is the person I chose to make the journey with me and along the way I have grown fond of her company and got used to having her beside me. She has led the way sometimes. She has encouraged me when I didn't want to go on. We have paused together to take a look around and have never given up.

So the video reminds me of her.

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The Frog Queen said...

I luvs you too husband. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Would not have it any other way :)